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Determining whether or not your symptoms may be due to a blockage in your heart arteries, also known as coronary artery disease (CAD), can be difficult in a woman. Get the facts and help us Spread the Word — because every woman deserves the right care.

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Women's Hearts are Unique

Testing options for CAD should be designed with women in mind.

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Learn About CAD

Did you know coronary artery disease (CAD), the most common form of heart disease, is the leading cause of death among women? Heart disease impacts more women than all forms of cancer combined.*

Get to the heart of the matter, and learn how to interpret the less obvious and less typical symptoms of CAD in women.

* Source: American Heart Association

Know Your Testing Options

The thought that your symptoms may be related to a heart problem can be scary and shouldn’t be ignored. Is your heart to blame?

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Talk To Your Healthcare Provider

By partnering with your healthcare provider, you can take an active role in the care you receive. Share your concerns, describe your symptoms, and ask about your testing options. Each test has risks and benefits, and not all tests may be right for you. Empower yourself by learning about your testing options so that you and your healthcare provider can select the best testing plan.

Spread The Word

Don't keep what you learn about CAD close to your chest — share it with someone close to your heart.

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